Is your website driving potential customers away?

Over 55 million Americans live with a disability. If your website isn’t accessible to those with disabilities, you could be excluding members of your audience and missing out on sales. Not to mention the possibility of being hit with an expensive lawsuit against your business.

But how do you know if your website isn’t accessible? To stay compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, you must address these elements:

  • Font size and typography
  • Colors and contrast
  • Image and video accessibility
  • Mobile website design

Request your FREE website accessibility scan powered by accessiBe to receive a full report identifying areas that do not meet ADA compliance standards:

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  • We'll uncover whether your website is non-compliant with ADA standards and offer guidance on next steps.
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"The Creative MMS team has been helping us with a number of different aspects of our digital marketing strategy. Their first main project has been to upgrade both the look/feel of our website as well as improve the content for better storytelling. They have done an excellent job preserving the core of our site while improving the overall experience. The pages look great, the content reads well and we are more confident having people visit our site."

- Christopher Wallace, Co-Founder, President, Innerview Group

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